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IAI Interior Award-Best Soft Outfit Display Design Award

Project Name: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Winner name:

Zhou He (China)

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“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”is located in Suichang, Zhejiang Province. It is a tea garden village with a thousand-foot cliffs of Jiulong Mountain. Named "tea garden", its geographical pattern "left flag right gun", and "flag gun" or "gun flag" is just synonymous with good tea. "Peony Pavilion": a flag and a half guns. When Luo’s ancestors discovered this paradise, they sold a bowl of porcelain.

From the Longquan Baoxi side, they came to the porcelain, picked it up and sold it all the way. When they walked across the hill, they found this feng shui treasure, and decided to settle here. Isolated for many years, there are many legends.For four hundred years, the story of Tang Xianzu's "Peony Pavilion" has been passed down on this land that has been hidden from the world. Nowadays, Le Ling came here to add modern architectural elements while preserving the original ecology and architectural appearance, transforming the mountain village into a residential eco-village with residents and visitors. Currently, 14 houses and 35 rooms are open.

Wanjing Design uses a unique “poetic drama language” for soft furnishings, blending into the local natural scenery, using local natural materials and traditional craftsmanship techniques, all of which are made of logs, all hand-made, with local The black pottery utensils produced use modern design techniques to present their original appearance, retain the breath of history, and retain the spirit of this land. This is the most direct interpretation of returning to the truth.

The whole design incorporates art and historical objects into the old and new dialogues of the interior, retaining the original quaint culture and temperament, combining functionality and modern comfort. All the rooms use bamboo and green plants with local characteristics as decorative elements. The natural and natural scenery, echoing the scenery outside the window, and being able to see the changes of the four seasons.

Every old beam, old brick wall, old earth wall, and every hand-polished furniture support the mellow past, together with the outdoor idyllic paintings, to stimulate the ideal lifestyle of peach blossoms.