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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award- Best Public Exhibition Space Design Award


Winner name:

Zhang Deyu(China)

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Fang Zhi bookstore is the first complex form of travel and literature in China, which integrates "reading + aesthetics + accommodation + socialization". The design combines the natural and environmental concept of "harmony between man and nature" in Western Sichuan architecture, using materials according to local conditions,and designing according to materials;

In color, the outer walls of Western Sichuan architectures mostly adopt white as the basic color, and the doors and windows are colored with orange and date red as the basic tone, with large area of white walls and grey tiles as the background enhancing Western Sichuan,and setting off the modern and quiet aesthetics. The bookstore is divided into Fang Dai,Fang Ju, Fang Qi, Fang Shi, courtyard and confidant, book, object and person.

In public space, as the first impression of entering the door, the book fragrance fills the room, emphasizing the attributes of the bookstore. The courtyard is open and mobile, with various spaces and channels, from traditional to modern, from noisy to quiet. Simple windows and bookcases offer the bookstore more display functions. The installation art in the corner space adds energy to the regular space and enriches the elevation tension of the whole space. The living hall displays stone carvings, warm solid woods and hand-tapping copper plates, which embodies the local culture, so that the overall space is full of power and design feelings.

Apart from comfortable and elegant rooms, there is a special area for women in accommodation space,choosing the tone of smoke powder to create a unique space with lovely literature and art. The spherical device continues to the room, appears in lamps and lanterns, inherits elements in space design, and meets various functional zones due to the diversity of redefinition.