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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award- Best Commercial Space Design Award

Project Name:Changsha Qingzhu lake sales center of Excellence Group

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If the sales center does not treat the sales as a kind of mission, we would endow more possibilities for space so that the design will infused by more inspiration and less limit.

The building is not only a sales office but also a minitype library. We hope that the building can make a progress and have self-actualization after accomplishing the initial mission instead of still remaining in a level just to solve basic fuction. Furthermore, We also expect that it can be given personal and social value, which can inspire people and transfer warmth and energy in the future.

In order to express our desire, we created a quiet reading atmosphere by modelling the shape of pages of book in the space to arouse the power of reading which is being neglected by people in nowadays. It is peaceful and calm but full of power. It is believed that staying in such a space will inspire   deep consideration and this experience will be a valuable memory .