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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Best Dining Space Design Award

Project Name: SHANG THAI

Winner name:

Liu Jincai (China)

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The design of this case was inspired by a painting of my daughter, "by the sea". The picture of the four sinking twilight line the stars of the seabed, shell-like tent, burning hot sand sea is very bright, let me moved. I like such a picture of the pure and beautiful nature of children. This is a natural beauty, but also a simple joy of children, and is this just the life I have been pursuing?

The picture has been lingering in my mind. I tried to bring the atmosphere of this picture into my creation, so I set up one tent after another in the space. I hope the shape of the tent is as bright as the shell. The astrolabe lights are scattered in an orderly way all over the sky, projecting water ripples with the light and shadow of the lights. I hope that the dining space created can experience a kind of childlike romance and happiness. "Life too close will alienate the soul, the soul too close will alienate the life," the noisy world, the vast sea of humanity, only poetry and the distance is beautiful.