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IAI Interior Award-Best Office Space Design Award

Project Name:ZMAKE Office Design

Winner name:

ZMAKE design company (China)

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"Make a different office space, completely jump out of the past office space thinking, to re-understand the new office model." In this office space project, we try to design with a new concept.

We believe that office space should not only solve the relationship between people and things, but also the relationship between people and people , and the relationship between people and space. These are the four relationships that we need to solve in defining office space.

However, in the final analysis, the core of office space is still people. Paying attention to people's behavior is still the essence of space.

We launched an artistic, leisure and sharing attempt around people: artistry is to let the company's personnel think in soul and spirit; leisure is to let everyone relax physically and enhance freedom of action; sharing is to let everyone establish more communication and greatly improve work efficiency.

As an indispensable element of this scheme, bamboo weaving device is presented in different forms in different spaces: the twisting and revolving extension model circles around the theme entrance of "narrow doors, long distance, low light" and the top of the comprehensive bar, giving space flexibility and vitality. Large-scale arrays are formed at the top of the "T" platform corridor to make the space more hierarchical. Form enclosed space in the incubation center and reception center of the program.

The bamboo weaving work lasted 35 days. The longest part of the single bamboo weaving was 11 meters, and the width was 17 mm and 20 mm. The use of bamboo weaving aims at inheriting the spirit of craftsmen and inheriting the traditional bamboo weaving technology and the natural material "bamboo".

Nine bamboo knitters, all of them from Luan, Anhui Province, were involved in the bamboo knitting. Five bamboo Knitters from the early stage of cutting to grinding, and four bamboo Knitters from the later stage went to the construction site to knit. The total length of the bamboo strips used for knitting was about 12 kilometers.

Thus, the space has formed the following characteristics: a 21-metre "T" corridor and turned it into an information promulgation gallery, which is also an interactive space that everyone will pass before entering the office area; a "narrow door, long way, see the dim light" theme entrance; a horseback and forth.“ Red Brainstorm Conference Room; A Blue Storm Conference Room, which only talks about rational landing; A Bar, Coffee Bar, Tea Bar, Dinner Bar, Free Talking Bar; A Reception Center, which is also called Project Archives Center; A Cool Integrated EPC Model Center Library, which gathers lights. A multi-functional space integrating soft-fitting, engineering, engineering and materials; a dressing room that can accommodate all the staff of the company and store a suit of clothes at the same time...

In the administrative lobby, a large hyperboloid arch bamboo weaving model with a height of 2800 mm, a width of 4100 mm and a depth of 2700 mm was set up. At the same time, we design the best lighting area as an open office area.

On the moving line, we intentionally use a 21-meter "T" corridor to separate the dynamic and static relations of space.

In addition, we have also done the following work: 1. Made a pair of "clumsy man" statues in our hearts: a big step forward, another positive and childlike clumsy man; 2. Made a strong and simple image of the engineering department; 3. Made a "perceptual creation" in the thought collision device. 4. There are also a variety of devices that advocate scientific use of time, company design concepts and values for people to live with.