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Works Appreciate


IAI Architecture Award -Architecture Concept Design Gold Award

Project Name:Spiritual Habitat Hotel Design Scheme

Winner name:

Wang Jimin (China)

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The design of the residential space is built on the island by the sea. The rooms are built in the mountains. An entrance is built on the top of the hill, and the rooms enter the mountains from top to bottom. The environmental space of the ground building mainly refers to the symbol of "Sun and Moon Mountain" on Taowen.

The whole space of the ground entrance is symmetrical in the middle axis and slightly different in part. This not only embodies the symmetrical beauty of traditional Chinese architecture, but also seeks asymmetry in the symmetry, so as to achieve a unique beauty. The exterior stone and other decorations also echo the "Sun Moon Mountain". The main building on the ground is made of all glass, with good light transmission and double glass, which not only keeps heat and insulates sound, but also has good sound insulation effect.

The shape stone of the space presents a 3D three-dimensional ink landscape, with the stone as a rockery, which integrates the Chinese classical landscape painting into the design concept.

The whole room was built in the mountain, and the top part of the room was suspended by grille. It mainly drew lessons from the Southern Song Dynasty painter Ma Yuan's Water Map. The grid ceiling is delineated by the undulating lines of waves, which makes the whole space more hierarchical. Most of the walls still adopt the original stone pattern, which makes the whole space unified. Some of the walls are decorated with green plants and run through the whole space, making the whole space closer to nature and reflecting a wild and luxurious wind.

The whole residential space design scheme combines design science and psychology. It not only focuses on aesthetics and function, but also pays more attention to the spiritual level and the influence of space environment on human senses. And the residential quarters are built on the island, in the cliff caves, from the top, guide customers with the environmental space, ensure the privacy of the residential quarters, return to nature, return to the original. Nowadays, people live in a fast pace and are under great pressure. During the rest period, apart from hoping to relax, they also hope to nurture their body and mind in a good environment and get close to nature. Soft clothing and other materials mostly use environmentally friendly recyclable materials, the application of materials texture, texture, color, light and shadow and other characteristics, is the overall spatial hierarchy more distinct.

This design aims to convey an attitude towards life, to seek comfort and healing of the soul, and to help people with high pressure in the city to reduce pressure and promote harmonious development of society through the design.