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IAI Architecture Award -Public Architecture Gold Award

Project Name:Yongning Station

Winner name:

Hu Yijia(China)

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"Yongning Station" is a demonstration project of Taizhou's "Public Toilet Revolution" Programme. It is an urban MINI complex with public washroom as the main function and combined with leisure, exhibition and other supporting services. Taking "creating a public yet private space" as the starting point, the designer utilized "screen" as the key element for separating public and private areas, and at the same time worked to open, absorb, broaden and condense the surrounding landscape with the installation languages of architectural space.

The public exhibition hall enjoys an open view to the river. The designers transformed the thickness of the "screen" into a three-dimensional "screen niche" of its own system, which is separated from the hustle and bustle of the city and keeps a distance from the natural river view. "Screen" is compressed into a thin layer of mirror, which wraps four independent boxes. Intersecting with the ground curve, it floats freely in the transparent space.

The architectural intervention reveals and rediscovers the order hidden on the site, and transforms the landscape into a scene and then a situation, hence the self-growth of the architecture becomes a spatial reconstruction of a world view.