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IAI Architecture Award -Inheritance and Innovative Architecture Gold Award

Project Name:Blossom Hill · Hanling

Winner name:

DC Alliance(China)

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Hanling is a typical ancient water town, where there is a crystal-clear brook surrounding the area and a hundred years historic old street through the entire village. The team hope that this project can not only inheritance the traditional space of village Hanling but also represent a modern lifestyle. So our design start from the existing local culture and then mix with the fashion culture, which makes the culture consumption is able to blossom in the ancient village by an organic method.

The general pattern of the building has inherited the local courtyard feature of Hanling: Through the introduction of the central courtyard, households can appreciate external landscape when they are enjoying the internal courtyard space. In addition, to conform the characteristics of contemporary commerce culture, our design provides the building group mode into the spatial context of Hanling. When it comes to the design of building interface, some modern elements are added to line in contrast with the traditional architectural style, which forms an ancient and modern communication with the traditional architectural style. On the other hand, the interior design of the building is modern style to meet demand of contemporary hotel function.

In the project area, there are a historical building and a traditional building. Although these two houses are in a state of serious damage, they represent the historical memory of the village. In order to protect their original architectural style and spatial combination, our design plans to rebuild and remould these two old buildings. Moreover, all the slate, ancient trees, waterfronts, walls on site are kept as landmarks and landscape. We hope this can become the continuation of the spirit of local area.

The keel brick is the main building material of Hanling. As the typical representative of the regional residential materials in Ningbo. This kind of wall brick has concave cross section, which allows the wooden keel to pass through it, thus obtaining a more stable building structure. Furthermore, it has the advantages of light weight, waterproof, thermal insulation and energy saving, etc. On the facade of Blossom Hill, the keel bricks are embedded in the wall – while welcoming the local tradition, the tradition is translated to create a unique and innovative look.