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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award -Entertainment Space Gold Award

Project Name:IUKUBAR

Winner name:

Lu Peng (China)

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We have an idea from The book of 《Restaurant at the end of the universe》.Then we also imagine a bar where the guests choose their own seats to sit down, drink a little wine and wash away the plusher of the day.

After several twists and turns, we acquired a site, but access to the interior space was through a crevice corridor, which serves as the only access for guests. Then we began to assume how to allow guests to have an interesting experience while walking through the l-shaped corridor.

We adopted a three-stage design, dividing the whole site into three Spaces, each of which creates a different atmosphere and is connected together through the doors. Doing so can be said to be the deductive means of space sequence, but in fact it is to turn the defects of space itself into the characteristics of the site.