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IAI Interior Award- Hotel Space Gold Award-

Project Name:Aoxin Holiday Hotel

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In " L'Entretien infini" Maurice Blanchot wrote, "What you desire to use the name of philosophy to imply - is essentially a perception of the unknown, or more generally a relationship with the unknown."

The design of Aoxin Holiday Hotel is inspired by the wine hiding cave in Luzhou, a place that evokes a strong desire to explore. The mysterious natural cave arouses curiosity. The stones penetrate both inner and outer space, and the cracking gap, extended from the canyon, is like a gully on the rock wall, which creates a novel experience of walking from the cave to the canyon. At the end of the known and the unknown, it is the perception that lies in the middle. Open the door of self-perception until you see everything through a narrow crack.

The lobby is a reconstruction of natural cave amongst which places a series of unconnected hollow stones. The unknown and unpredictable space inside the stones is released by excavating the holes, thus forming a relatively private and semi-invisible surroundings, which creates a continuous experience of opening and enclosing through the interior of the stone and the gap between the stone.

The hotel recreates nature by natural stone and establishes a basic interface for the whole space, whose novel environment will generate experience in the form of memory recombination while evoking memory, thus making the relationship between people and space, space and space independent and interinfiltrated. These visual connections extend the concept of cave and local urban texture to the interior of the hotel, forming a unique cultural carrier in Luzhou.

With this project we try to find the existing connection with all the nature of the substance in a deeper level such as texture and emotion. Also we try to understand the temperament of the project through the combination of various elements, not only through our vision, but also through all of the senses.