Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award - Sample House Gold Award

Project Name:Kingkey Yujing Central Template Room

Winner name:

Shenzhen Jiudu Space Interior Design Co., Ltd. (China)

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Works Introduction: Abandoning the traditional luxury style and returning to life is the main theme of this case. With light luxury as the entry point, modern life as the sentiment, and the combination of classical and modern techniques give space agility and distance.

Space gives people a simple, elegant and warm and comfortable feeling of guest dining room space, combined with the hard lines of the wall, appropriate details, and not. Lack of luxury furniture configuration to strengthen the theme of luxury and elegance, with gray, beige, white as the three-line tone of modern space, showing a unique style of fashion concise, introverted low-key modern texture, coupled with champagne gold ornament, luxury and fashion. Delicate and elegant decoration, reflecting the high-end positioning and the identity of the host image, and local details will reflect the host's personal taste and hobbies, each corner emits the highest quality.

Bright color embellishment, so that the room looks atmospheric, clean and tidy. A large number of special line designs, modern and concise, show the avant-garde fashion of Hong Kong style, through the careful walking of lines, also played a role in extending space. The use of glass material adds bright and light elements to calm and stable tones, which is just right for neutralization.