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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award - Soft Outfit Display Gold Award

Project Name:Shanghai Sunac Consulate, No.1, A-type model house, soft decoration

Winner name:

Yishantang Decoration Design Co., Ltd.(China)

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The pattern of the double door conveys the spatial theme of “prosperity, quietness” in a progressive relationship. The entire interior space is shaped as an open profile that communicates with the external space, and the indoor and outdoor spaces become abstract and complete.

Linear elements awaken the order between the fields with their long-lasting charm. Under the meticulous combing of multiple lights, light and shadow present an alternative beauty in the defined space. Every component immersed in it is given life and begins to elaborate. Your own story. The interior space inherits the white space from the building. A large number of taupe wood, grey marble and black titanium-plated metal and partial gold decoration form a strong modern and international aesthetic space, just the right neutral color, brushed copper, leather and other elements,

The color uses low saturation and has a sense of weight. In the dark and low-key, it exudes breathable exquisiteness and exquisiteness. Moving without moving, quiet and quiet, the combination of golden wings and crystal white horses act as active activists throughout the space, moving and not moving, quiet and without static interpretation.