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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award -Homestay Space Gold Award

Project Name: Nanshanli Hotel, Chongqing

Winner name:

Zhao Yang (China)

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Chongqing in our impression: the mountains rise and fall steeply, the mountains are foggy, and the bamboo forests are surrounded by clusters.

Our inspiration source comes from the outline of mountains, fog, bamboo forests and sky clouds. We hope that we can reconstruct the outline between nature and the buildings. The material and form are between the buildings and nature, give the mountain a new level and give the buildings a more natural experience. The fog in the forest, we hope that this unique landscape can be viewed from every perspective of the architectural space.

We hope that the relationship between the buildings and nature is symbiotic, so the materials we use and space experience are as simple as possible, original ecological. In building materials, we try to use local dry bamboo and brick, showing the effect of white walls, glass, plants, we hope that it is part of the mountains, rather than the miniature steel city in the jungle. In terms of space experience and lifestyle, we hope that it will also be presented as primitive as possible in the village state, farming, cooking.