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IAI Interior Award - Cultural And Educational Space Gold Award

Project Name: NEXUS Preschool Interior Design

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The project is located at NO.1108 Huamu Road at Pudong district in Shanghai, which is opposite the century park. The building owner wants to refurbish the whole existing building to create a distinctive and high-quality kindergarten.

The total area of the existing building is 4124 Sqms which has 3 floors. The existing building refurbishment design aims to give children more opportunities to see and feel the nature. As a result, the indoor activity classrooms are fully opened by folding moving doors on the first floor, connecting with the outdoor activity space without any obstacles. On the second floor, the public corridor area is connected with the outdoor terrace, children can overlook the green park directly on that space. The third floor has accesses to the green roof farm and garden from the public area, which give children more outdoor activity spaces while ensuring safety.

The interior design aims to create a safety and harmony learning and activity environment with full of fun based on the study of children's psychological and physiological feelings and demands, including the selection of materials and colors, the planning of space and functions, and the controlling of furniture and details.

After more than two years design and construction, NEXUS Preschool was opened in September in 2018.