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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award -Publice Exhibition Space Gold Award

Project Name:Foshan Wanke·UNI-CITY Exhibition Area

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Located at the intersection of Huayang South Road and Yueyang Road in Shunde Ditrict, the project is close to Foshan Women and Children Hospital on its south side and Foshan New City on the northwest side.

The style of the project is themed“Clouds in The Sky”with perforated aluminium panels of different textures as the main materials. The project is surrounded by the“floating” panels, echoing the theme perfectly. It consists of exhibition area, show

area and parking area. The interior design features a streamline form, symbolizing freedom without limits. It extends elements of the theme to present a unique circular space.

The“flight” -themed soft decoration of it creates more possibilities to launch imagination abouf filying freely under sky. Aerialvehicles are used to act as wings and four themed spaces are connected by spectacular art installations. creating a layered space from reception area to art gallery.

The designers intended to set small doors for each space but enlarge the interior, which adds more artistic elements and enriches sensory experiences for visitors.