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IAI Interior Award -Commercial Space Gold Award

Project Name:jpg coffee

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GuangZhou Geomdesign culture co.,ltd(China)

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In the contemporary environment of the high development of urbanization, tidal life is a cage that contemporary people can not escape. Their eyes are full of dynamic screens with complex and changeable colors, which results from the architects' ambition and the restlessness of the times.

China is now in a period of economic transformation and upgrading, in which both the economy and culture are moving forward with introspection all the time. And advancement is the obsession of every soul lost in the city. Therefore, every action and thought will bring the architects into the scene, instilling ideas and grafting values to them, so that in the depths of their souls, they are all eager to return to the original self.

It is located in Zhujiang New Town, one of the three national CBDs in China, where busy people always stand at the top of the waves of the times, and the simple brick-red facade breaks the dense and towering glass curtain wall around them. At countless nights, the pair of windows are like X-ray vision, having an insight into the rapidly changing CBD and concerning about the people who are lost.

The facade is all made of jacinth sintered bricks produced by the natural fambe process of kiln roasting. The color is simple and natural, which forms a strong impact on the current heavily decorated CBD. And the raw material of sintered brick is taken from natural clay, argil, shale and other primary environmental protection minerals, so that after hundreds of years of service life of the building, it can be crushed and recycled to make brick products again. Thus, it is of positive ecological and environmental significance to establish an environmentally friendly and harmonious development and heal the fragile ecosystem of the earth.

There isn't LOGO or other information of the two brands on the facade, which makes the space purer and more architectural. Naturally, it will also make consumers pay more attention to the product itself. The business model of “Take-out Only” meets the fast-paced consumption experience of modern people.

When approaching the solely two windows, the all-black walls in the gentle light make the barista and hamburger maker's production process become the focus. And the storefront with two windows, coupled with mellow coffee and gluttonous hamburger, makes coffee and hamburger blend perfectly together. The operator is willing to take care of every eager soul. In short, simple construction materials and delicious food can always form an echo, so that the changing desire will return to stability at this moment.