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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award -Dining Space Gold Award

Project Name:Honn Charcoal barbecue(China)

Winner name:

Cao Ming, Wang Xiao, Lu Shuhan

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Aka Honn Charcoal barbecue

Food and beverage is no longer limited to the pursuit of taste, but more concerned with God.

In such a space of roast meat dining, it permeates the aesthetics of China and Japan.

Make use of the contrast between the real and the virtual to create the ultimate image through the scenery separation, borrowing and framing

The slender line lengthens the whole space and enlarges the visual space of the storefront.

Japanese screen, dry landscape and other elements create a strong atmosphere of Japanese barbecue

The elements of ink and wash add a touch of Chinese humanistic interest.

Project Name: Chiba charcoal roast meat

Project area: 400 square meters

Project address: North Street, Jiangbei District, Chongqing

Completion time: June 2019

Major Materials: Stone, Wood Decoration, Ceramic Tiles, Art Paint, Glass

Creating a bright, comfortable or romantic restaurant has always been the feeling that designers want to bring to their guests. But for this roast meat shop, we do the opposite thing. We close the only window in the original building, and use the lights to create an atmosphere to enhance the sequence level in the dark tone space.

Different from the traditional Japanese style, in the dark space, the local lighting can highlight some details and texture, and is thick and fashionable, and it seems to release the original strength of "roast beef on the stone".

The internal structure of the original building is complex and there are many load-bearing walls. Therefore, in the spatial layout, the original structure should be as regular as possible. We make the space between the most difficult load-bearing walls in the center of the hall into a scenic spot, and put a cattle-like device in the center as the visual center of the whole space. The loading walls at the entrance of the bar area are rather trivial. We use arc to weaken it and make the whole space more organized. In order to meet the functional requirements of smoke exhaust, we have done a lot of steps up and down, which makes the whole space very hierarchical, but also create a strong atmosphere of Japanese barbecue.

We didn't use too many tedious soft clothes throughout the shop. The Japanese dry scene was also an important decoration in the shop, extending from the entrance to the interior. Each area of the lobby is also equipped with appropriate potted landscapes or Japanese elements of custom-made stone sculptures of the ox body, which not only highlights the theme of the barbecue shop, but also full of Zen.

We made a lot of wooden partitions, which not only ensured the relative privacy of the guests'meals, but also ensured the permeability of the space.

The private room is a sunken tatatami, and the Japanese style is still prominent.

The brown glass sliding door is a touch of color in the dark space.

The compartment is not completely closed, but uses a large area of wood elements as a partition, so that the hall and compartment are relatively private, transparent and interactive.

Finally, back to this secret door, the bar area resembling the Japanese wine house is set up at the entrance. When the guests are full, they follow the sound of people and the barbecue flavor, avoiding the hundred boring and laziness when they are waiting. They can drink an aperitif in advance and perhaps make some new friends.

Of course, at the same time, it's a good place to drink a few cups with two or three friends. Everyone here loudly expresses themselves, the pressure of work, the trouble of love gathering here, and the dispersion with alcohol.