Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Office Space Gold Award

Project Name:No. 11 Private Yard, Beijing

Winner name:

Zhao Yang(China)

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I hope that the result of my design is as simple as possible, not concise but simple. This simplicity is a kind of plain and pure. I always don't like the things that are piled up. I like the sense of power without verbosity. So I often restrain my design. The subtraction in space is not the purpose. The purpose is to convey feelings more directly. It's just like sketching is the easiest way to express ideas. How can a space have the power of a sketch when it is completed? I want to find that feeling.

Nowadays, modern citys are lively and prosperous gathering places, and our life needs not only convenience, but also peacefulness. The project itself has such conditions. So we hope to retain this feeling of peace and quiet. We hope that the result of the construction will be like a page of paper on grass, clean, light and quiet.