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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Commercial Space

Project Name: Water Cloud Tea House

Winner name:

Jiang Guo Xing (China)

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Water Cloud Tea House


Project location: Urumqi, Sinkiang

Area: 460 ㎡

Main materials: black granite, volcanic, seaweed mud, pebbles, etc

Main case design: Jiang Guoxing

Space photography: Wu hui

One tea, one world, one life.Designer drawed?inspiration?from Zeng Guofan's former residence and Xu Zhimo's ?“On?leaving Cambridge” .Designer used?modern?Chinese?style to ?build a beautiful zen, simple but elegant China's?tea culture space.Black 、white and old wood color are used as main color, while grey is used as the auxiliary color.

There is a cloud float on entance ,which means everything goes well with one’s work in china.The Landscape Area is decorated with dry bamboo、 stone 、cloud lamp. Bamboo?fence、black and white paintings、wood traceries,hanging on the wall, lend?charm?to?the space.