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IAI Best Humane Care Award / IAI Best Design Award-Commercial Space

Project Name:One Day

Winner name:

Denny Ho (United States)

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A Futuristic Modern Style Buyer Shop


Space is talking, this is not a false proposition. In this work, designer Denny Ho realized his perfect imagination of the shared space.

One Day is a fashion buyer's shop in Chengdu. The whole space is full of futuristic design style, which makes people feel that they are in a different space world.

Here, the integration of artistic elements from all angles makes the process of shopping full of enjoyment. These richly-rich artworks and colorful costumes are intertwined with each other, like an invisible vein, waiting for you to find one by one, full of temptation.

The owner, Yuqing, is a 90-year-old. She is also a fashionista who travels to Europe and China all the year round. Her years of experience abroad have made her aesthetic concept bolder and more inclusive. She wants her own store to be unique, fun, energetic, and impress the guests as soon as they walk into her store. Creating such an interesting and visually striking space for Yuqing is also very enjoyable in the design process. Warm and highly saturated Hermes orange makes the whole store full of enthusiasm and vitality, young and without losing texture. The whole space shows the fashion and life attitude after the 90s, fully demonstrating her personality, imagination and expressiveness.

One day begins with the warm orange of the sunrise, brisk and pleasant. From the dawn to the night, enjoy the perfect day. Use the gradient of color to create light and shadow changes from morning to day.

The bold modern presentation, the museum-style display method, the use of materials and lighting are highly sophisticated, allowing space and people to balance each other, without any sense of contradiction, giving the show the greatest potential.

Enhance the artistic sense and design atmosphere of the whole space, and show the consistent delicate texture. At the same time, the persistence of color and space quality is reflected, which indicates that there will be more fresh fashion and possibilities.

Introducing people into a space with a fascinating sense of color, saturated colors, mixed materials, bright surfaces and metal lines inlaid, perfect for mixing. With both tension and fashion, the unique style of the audience is fascinating and intriguing.