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Works Appreciate


IAI Outstanding Design Award / IAI Best Design Award-Commercial Space

Project Name:Layer-up

Winner name:

Zhang Jian Wu&Cai Tian Bao (China)

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Visual focus


Because of the limitation of spatial structure, the first layer is too high and the interlayer can not be added, so it is necessary to solve two problems: the first is to keep the space narrow and narrow while the second is the location of staircase. Overlap the two questions and find that the location and movement of the staircase is the focus of the case. After solving the structural layout problem, how to turn the device into a visual focus has become another problem that designers need to think about. Black and yellow is a very classic color match, both fashion and strong visual impact. Do not pile up extra shapes, with the most basic knot Structure, through the contrast of colors,the installation of the staircase sense of reflection, become the focus of space vision.