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Project Name:Wooden language——Flat packaging (tenon mortise) furniture series

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Zhai Wei Min (China)

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Wooden language——Flat packaging (tenon mortise) furniture series


This series of leisure furniture draws on the traditional wooden structure and uses a flat design idea to create a balance between the material properties and functional needs of the furniture and the aesthetics of life. The interactive relationship between people and the different materials on the surface enrich the visual language of the product. The flat design allows for more interaction with people and space. This coat rack can be completely flattened, the whole shape is shaped by lines, the structure is drawn from the traditional Ming furniture, and it is reasonably interpreted. It is applied to the coat rack and the top is passed through the crossbow and the collet. Firmly lock the hanging rod above, the bottom is made of cross shovel and the horse-shoulder structure, which is convenient for splitting, and at the same time locks the structure of the lower leg, up to the balance of structural mechanics. The hanging rod is upturned, and it is also convenient to hang clothes or bags and the like. Simple and practical, the entire split process also conveys the emotional communication between things and people. The flat chair design facilitates the sale of the network e-commerce platform. The flat-coating can save a lot of cost in the production and transportation packaging process. In terms of user experience, the flattening is very practical, and it is easy to carry and store.