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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Cultural and Educational Space

Project Name:HN Nursery

Winner name:

Taku Hibino (Japan)

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This is a nursery project in Kanagawa. This nursery was founded by parents, who wanted to raise children in rich natural environment. To meet their expectation, by making use of rich nature surrounding here, we planned to design this nursery as the place where children can feel nature a lot. The building with full of nature will make chances for children to grow and play excited and stimulating, which will develop their sensibility and creativity. Hence, “Feel Nature the Whole Day” is put as the concept here. Generally, children play with ready-made toys or materials whose usage is inflexible, inside the nursery room. On the other hand, when they play outside, there are many interesting things to discover such as flower, grass, tree, insects, and so on. And these natural elements are changing continuously according to the weather and each season. They must encourage children to play more creative and imaginative than ready-made toys. In addition, children can feel and notice a lot of things, such as the warmth from sunlight, the touch of soil, the smell of flower, and the color of sky. From these reasons, we designed this nursery as children can feel nature whenever and wherever they are.  Based on this concept, we tried not to separate inside and outside clearly. First, a big banyan tree is installed in a nursery room, planted from the ground. With it children can not only enjoy climbing tree, but also they can see and learn how the tree will grow and change. Second, a part of the roof in the nursery room is made glass. If it’s sunny, the sunlight comes well and children can watch floating clouds in the sky. If it rains, they can watch how the rains are flowing.  Moreover, in the playground there is a big hill with 5-meter difference in height by utilizing the original site form. There children can feel the touch of ground even from infants who can just crawl and they can get many physical activities by rolling over and over, slipping, digging and so on. In these ways, children can feel nature the whole day inside as well as outside. In such a rich natural environment, children will have more chances to create imaginative plays.