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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Environmental Friendly Award-Cultural and Educational Space

Project Name:CLC Beijing

Winner name:

Taku Hibino (Japan)

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Children Learning Center


This is a childcare support center only for members in the developing area located at the center of Beijing, where there are many high-rise apartments. Targets of membership are younger families who live in this area. It has the function that not only children but parents and neighbors can join this community here. In this project, as to adjust several education programs freely to suit the needs, each education program has each module. This is how we design to suit people’s needs which is different in each living area of users and suit some given conditions of building flexibly. Also, it’s easy to recognize each purpose of the modules. In this facility, we put it the key concept, “Street Play in City”. In old Beijing city, children used to play in street. But as the city developed, the scene of their playing in street could not be seen. Based on this background, this concept was created each module is placed as to make spaces for children to play just like in street. Also, this planning is effective for the complexed shape of this site, that is a half-sliced ellipse, and the skeleton space with 4m of room height. Each module is so flexible that walls can be put on and off freely according as the education program. By setting handrail on the upper side, there is a space like loft, where can be the place for children to play dynamically and learn. Each aisle like street in city has the space for them to read books, gather and play. As a result, the places could be created that children can concentrate on their activities and play and explore with their curiosity. About the color, only 2 kinds are used to be simple and people can feel warmness. One is in the exterior wall of module, and the second is the floor, wall and ceiling inside the module. Moreover, unitization of module makes a benefit on the supply of same materials and maintenance. In this unique planning with the module, children can concentrate on learning, playing, and doing anything. On the other hand, the street connects each module and people can see and recognize each other.