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IAI Best Design Award-Product Conceptual Design

Project Name:Gaudí System

Winner name:

Niko Kapa (Greece)

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Bathroom, Health


Sponsored by Audi Innovation, Gaudí System is a responsive sanitary piece designed to give users full control of their basic bathing necessities, “humanizing” an object that we use daily, while addressing issues of energy efficiency and subsequently money saving through critical aspects of its design. Taking into account physical posture and ergonomics, Gaudí System can transform the floor and reshape a bathing landscape as decided by the user.

A single surface organizes the bathroom floor through a uniform tessellated pattern that consists of antibacterial rubber tiles. These are attached on a stretchable, water resistant polyurethane-coated Spandex membrane that is resilient and durable. With the help of hydraulic actuators that are fully integrated in the floor, the surface can be reshaped in a variety of formations in order to convert the shower floor to an artificial bathing landscape. A concealed overflow channel and extendable taps allow the whole system to flush with the floor and disappear completely when not in use.

The design was born from the idea of how to provide maximum flexibility that reflects the individual lifestyle, while helping to tell the story of a space and the people who occupy it. With its huge range of possible combinations and versatility, the system adopts to suit every situation, growing with the single user as well as the changing needs of different users. From both a psychological and a functional point of view it is proven that people interact more efficiently and in a more pleasant manner with objects that can empathize and connect to.

Considering that price of water and energy in the near future will be significantly higher globally, the whole system addresses issues of energy efficiency and subsequently money saving through critical aspects of its design. Taking into account physically satisfying posture and ergonomics, the bathtub shape can be adjusted to person’s body type, minimizing the water required to fill it when in use if the user requires so: smaller for children – larger for adults.

Heat transfer between the hot water and the rubber surface occurs at a lower rate due to the rubber’s low thermal conductivity. Subsequently, it is not required to overheat the water, in order to compensate for the loss of heat absorbed from the tile surface. This saves energy and also creates a comfortable environment. Moreover, rubber texture is closer to skin texture, so it implies a friendlier physical contact with the human body.