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IAI Best Design Award- Product Design

Project Name:Character by poetry

Winner name:

Yi Cheng Hai (China)

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Movable type Tea tray


"Character by poetry" borrows the Chinese tradition movable type carving technique, combine the tea tray with the tradition movable type character. Through the interactive transformation of different materials on the plane, the matching and combination of single type, the modern and simple lines and the hierarchical modeling, meet the user's needs of tea infusing and drainage and promote the user's interaction with traditional Chinese culture.

As one of the four great inventions of ancient China, movable type printing has had a significant impact on the progress of world civilization and the development of human culture. With the combination of Wujin stone and copper word, this tea plate is made into a tea plate which belongs to one person or two people drinking together. Each tea plate has a story, which is presented in the form of movable type combination. At the same time, the poetry related to tea is composed of movable type elements, which can be printed on rice paper and show a unique artistic effect.