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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award -Exhibition Space

Project Name:Sping is in the East Exhibition Hall

Winner name:

Zhu Hai Bo (China)

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The new Chinese style


The new Chinese style, while maintaining the Chinese traditional rhythm, is supplemented with an additional portion of simplicity and artistic concept than the traditional Chinese style. It is beloved by the young people not only for its taste but also the visual philosophy of creating quietness in noisiness.

Only with calmness can we see the essence of things. Our design tonality leans toward calmness and restraints. This originates from my ways of looking at things and probably my life attitude.

As the world is colorful, each design is an interpretation of a certain lifestyle.  

A life of any kind will settle in insipidity. As the inner is already splendid, there is no need to mystify or have richness and nobility piled up. All needed are tranquil, pure and full souls free from attachments to the worldly matters, disturbances from the vulgarity, laments on the deteriorating public morals, additions to positive or negative affections. Such souls should also watch the blooming and falling petals with leisure and tranquility to stay self-conscious and clean as original. A space should not only offer functional satisfactions but also reveal the might of souls so that any dweller can stay leisurely and echo with the space.

The blending of the artistic Chinese landscape reveals the respect for the nature, the best demeanor of the Orient featuring the beauty, calmness, restraining and implication.  ?

Create an experience scene characterized by a warm oriental lifestyle.

Oriental Aesthetics: Natural Aesthetics

Borrow the scenes and frame the scenes.

The aesthetic trend of orientals will lean toward more openness and integration

Throughout history, the history five thousand years reflects the absorptions from assorted channels at home and abroad.

In the Book of Changes (Yi Jing), the Yi refers to changes. While everything is upgrading, the only thing that remains unchanged is our root culture.

A designer is to solve problems. However, some problems are in fact not problems for the owner of the property. For the owner, this is something you as a designer should do.

The introduction of Chinese culture is looming and lukewarm, greatly showing the beauty of artistic conception.

Asoka Zhu, Shenzhen Story Space Design Co., Ltd.