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IAI Best Design Award-Furniture Design

Project Name:Ming style furniture -- new Chinese furniture series

Winner name:

Zhai Wei Min (China)

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Ming style furniture -- new Chinese furniture series


In the design process, we can find a simple morpheme that can be intersected with the present from the Ming furniture, combining simple wood, exquisite craftsmanship, ergonomic comfort and oriental wisdom innovation, one by one, one line, Turning to the end, seemingly simple but clean and powerful, fully consider the people's living habits in terms of function, giving a hearty and quiet life to the complicated urban life. Using wood as a carrier, the traditional large wooden building and small wooden furniture are reassembled to present a new visual shape, which changes the culture of the furniture design in the new Chinese field, and inherits the Chinese tradition. The creation concept of Ming style furniture adopts the sculpt aesthetics of “榫卯” structure and traditional Ming style furniture. At the same time, it draws the principle of bucket arch in traditional architecture in mechanics, realizing the unity of force and beauty.