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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Communication Design

Project Name:“Come with heavenly wind” brand image design

Winner name:

Feng Jia Hao (China)

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Brand design of cultural literary creation in Hangzhou


Dialects are the living fossils of regional culture. Compared with Putonghua, dialects tend to be more powerful in expressing local things.

Although the application scope of Hangzhou dialect is not large, it has appeared and passed on since the Eastern Jin Dynasty, so it has unique design significance.

Dialects now face the demise of young people. According to the survey, young people who are proficient in using Hangzhou dialects account for less than 9.2%.

Combining the ancient dialect culture with contemporary trends, Hangzhou features to create a cultural and creative brand that meets modern life, from the senses of smell and vision to the exploration, presentation, and transmission of Hangzhou culture, to create a cultural and creative brand. And hope that through this design, young people everywhere will be interested in the Hangzhou dialect, so that it can achieve the purpose of cultural propaganda, but also produce a certain commercial value.