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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Advertising

Project Name:TangXianzu&Shakespeare

Winner name:

Liu Jia Rui (China)

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Poster 1,Split the names of Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu,one is to express the stylistic writing style and rhythm of the two masters in the play, the second is that the best way to integrate the culture of the East and the West is to open it up and smash it. Regroup and write again. That is to first deconstruct the regional culture, and then integrate the universal culture that constitutes pluralism.

Poster2.The ancient English flower fonts represent the traditions and classics of British culture; Fu Shan's Lishu represents the strength and elegance of Chinese culture, while Fu Shan is a famous cultural person of the Ming Dynasty. Nanjing is the founding capital of the Ming Dynasty and has a cultural origin. Red and blue are the colors of the British flag, representing the British national quintessence; the pale gray and yellow background represents the long history of Chinese culture. The twists and turns reflect the complexity and inevitability of cultural conflicts and integration between the East and the West.