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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Office Space

Project Name:Dingtian new office

Winner name:

Huang Ting Ting (China)

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Dingtian new office


Project location: shenghui international, jinan district, fuzhou city

The project area: 1000 ㎡

Design and construction company: fujian dingtian decoration engineering co. LTD

Designer: huang tingting

Main materials: yundora grey marble, black gold dragon marble, linen hard bag, wallpaper, glass, akesaw anti-virus panel, hand-made carpet, akesaw anti-virus resilient floor, emulsified ultra-white glass

Design analysis:

This case serves as the office space that a adornment design enterprise originality gathers, stylist combines the demand point of natural element and humane office adequately, use completely open train of thought and rich space move line design gimmick, quietly elegant tonal make integral space more peaceful and quiet, let a person body and mind extra loosen.

In the space processing, pure lines are used to divide the whole space, and the application of large panel, glass and wood grid is unified in tone. The harmonious transition makes the space seem to be separated, scattered and open, but not losing the integrity.

Stylist is used as adornment in entrance and passageway of large area cloud DORA pull gray marble stone material, show rough surface and cement wall form organic whole slightly, under lamplight reflect, make the space appears abstruse and full of mysterious lasting appeal. Emulsified ultra - white transparent glass and wooden grating composition of the background wall, in the point light and surface light mutual reflect, leisurely beautiful scenery is real and illusory. Handwork knits carpet, coriaceous sofa and marble table a few, the administrative levels of the space is rich and plump, let you be like place oneself in beautiful scenery, contented and full of life! Negotiation area applies the glass of whole face to let the space blend in the surroundings, while guaranteeing the privacy without showing constraint. In order to continue the unified style of the space, the main office area is open and orderly in the layout. The chairs in the public area are mainly white and green in color, striking and harmonious.