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IAI Best Design Award-Construction Conceptual Design

Project Name:Sandiquen

Winner name:

Creative Group Limited

Creative Group Limited (Taiwan, China)

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Resort Concept Design


Sandiequan , a waterfall nestles from the deep mountain , Lushan in China, which is famous for its cascade of waterfalls flows throw the mountain.The ancient Chinese poet, Dongpo Su once visited this place and wrote the verse: "I don't realize the true face of the mountain, because I am now part of it" , it refers that If you think about life from different angles, you will be able to open up your mind . Therefore, with the image of Lushan , the imagery of poetry is quantified , philosophy of life that is open-minded by the Orientals is expressed in the Architect.

The building hidden in the mountain, which transforms the mind from the secular to the turmoil of the world, like the sec;usion of the ancients, peoplecan truly enjoy

the tranquility in the mountains.

The layers of the building are superimposed, and the vertical dislocation, the angle of thinking of the conversion space, guides people to change their thinking, and can bring occupants a completely different state of mind.The perception of this design uses the subtractive approach, which is irregular (parts are dissimilar) forms contained within regular form.

In the construction method, use friendly environment, the building and main wall are used local materials and stones to eliminate the transportation waste , the grille is made of aluminum.