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IAI Best Design Award-Building Renovation and Reconstruction

Project Name:King Charm

Winner name:

Li Shuo (China)

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Yunnan landscape The combination of tradition and Modernity


In the beautiful and mysterious Tengchong of Yunnan, there is a beautiful and pleasant Wetland - the Beihai wetland, and on the east coast of the wetland of Beihai, there is a fresh, elegant and meditative space - the city inn. The architectural style of Tengchong can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. It was deeply influenced by the architecture of Hui school. The powder wall Daiwa, thin column fertilizer beam, and the natural building material in Tengchong, the volcanic rocks, formed a unique architectural style. The inns are to refine the traditional architectural elements, to use the volcanic rocks for new assembly and combination, and to cooperate with steel, glass and solid wood to form the free space of Zen and meaning. In the direction of the wetland and sunset set set set a meditation space, can be in the center of a large circular shape meditation, the spirit of heaven and earth, empty itself. Two on the top of the building, there are two glass pavilions dangled and suspended, forming the effect of "Cui Linglong", which can enjoy beautiful scenery.

     The inn, the garage, the working room, the restaurant, the teahouse, the 9 rooms, the meditation space, the yoga platform, and the owner's private space can be reached through the various passages and staircases through the front room, which not only distinguishes space, but also ensures the separate new and connected space.

     This case is a two - story "hui" shape of the architectural form, around the building entity, the center of the courtyard, which also respect the traditional Yunnan folk house "Three - one - wall" form, so that the natural environment into the local building community. From the general plane, the arch gate hole, eaves, and the "back" shape of the building, and then to the doorway of the round spelling, the whole form a "dragon beads" form, which is a very auspicious meaning in the local.