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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award- Public Architecture


Winner name:

Kris Lin (Taiwan, China)

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The water curtain of light


This is an art form showing space with water as the theme. The designer tries to integrate the interior, architecture and landscape into a whole and present the state of water in different ways. Presented such as light fluid dynamic water falls, and the real flow of water in the landscape pool as a photograph echo and combine, let people feel in different water present ways to design an art form of display space.

Water is the subject of this case. The architectural design conveys the relationship between water and architecture, water and nature with the idea of transparency. The interior is the exhibition area and the negotiation area, and the partition of the space on the wall is formed by using the three- dimensional grille with geometric sense. Next to the negotiation area is the atrium landscape formed by the continuous glass wall surrounding the pool, which becomes an indoor landscape point.

Water is the subject of this case, which is designed to convey the relationship between water and architecture, water and nature with the idea of transparency. We attempt to use the form of light to create the effect of a water waterfall and form a sense of the flow of a waterfall; LED lights, wood materials and other exquisite nodes are used to further present the water curtain wall shape of light. The atrium landscape formed by the glass wall surrounding the pool becomes an indoor landscape point.

1. Light water

On the facade of the building, we designed a light water curtain wall to echo the theme of "water". The water curtain wall of the light is composed of LED lights. After the running of the lamp, it forms the effect of water curtain. The water curtain wall has two sides, forming a facade of the building externally and a background wall indoors.

2. Origami stone walls

In front of the building is a very large landscape pool, as if the whole building floating on the water. A roughly 50-meter walkway cuts through the water to connect the entrance to the sales office, allowing for a slow entry into the interior. Before entering the room, a 16m-high entrance will be passed through a thin stone wall. The space is towering and the side looks like origami. From the outside open space into the compressed entrance channel and then into the open indoor space, formed the contraction of the space rhythm, the whole process full of ritual sense.

3. The road of spiritual precipitation

A road was laid to cut open the pool, from the middle of the road to the water, and a viewing platform was set up. Hope to give visitors a heart to feel the design of our entire building  

We are involved in the architecture, interior design, soft outfit engineering and landscape design, trying to make is indoor, architecture, landscape of the three integrated into integration, form a with water as the theme of the exhibition space of art. The premise of this project is to serve as a sales exhibition area for real estate developers, with a service period of 3-4 years. Finally, the building will be handed over to the government as a public living space for citizens.

We want to make a waterfall with nature <water element> , and present it with light to express the seamless combination of man and nature. Through the water curtain wall of light, the pursuit of indoor and outdoor experience process is also the pursuit of an integrated feeling of architecture and indoor landscape, and more importantly, a sense of ritual to enter the art museum.

Light of water curtain wall is with a luminous effect, at the time of project completion, we set up a viewing platform, in the middle of the pool is a lot of people stop and location of the shoot, also attracted a lot of people attention and eye, and curious about the design process.