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IAI Best Design Award-Dining Space

Project Name:HAKKA YU

Winner name:

Shenzhen Yiding Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Wang Kun (China)

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HAKKA YU Restaurant


As a Hakka restaurant, Yiding Design is inspired by the historic Hakka culture to create a homely atmosphere in the space design. As for the case, the theme is “village”. In addition, by applying the space form of traditional Hakka architecture and extracting various elements including ancient doors and windows and eaves from Hakka round houses as a carrier, it is transformed into a space featuring strong sense of oriental culture and modern fashion in the context of modern orient, allowing consumers to experience the quaint Hakka culture while dining.

The placement of the earth building at the entrance perfectly reflects the theme of the space. Since the overall space of the original building is long and deep, the designer has referred to the layout of the “village” while considering the overall spatial arrangement and distributed various functions in houses and yards, in which way, the space is well-proportioned and appears with stronger sense of layer and rhythm.

Entering HAKKA YU, you will see a village-style walkway in front of you combined with beautiful landscape pattern design, which is very fascinating. Private rooms are located in the transition zone of the walkway, and the upper layer design is applied for the overall elevation of the area, which will guarantee and better the privacy and independence. The ceiling design in common seats area is actually inspired by the architectural form of traditional eaves. As a matter of fact, it deepens the sense of form of the house while covering the messy ceiling in the upper layer.

While presenting a modern building block relationship, the designer also makes full use of the collision of old and new materials to make the space vibrant. Moreover, as for the transparent shield design of the restaurant, glass partitions and old doors and windows with ancient charms are selected in use, which will not only reserve various history elements of Hakka culture, but also reflect the atmosphere of the times.

The design of lamps in HAKKA YU has also drawn on the shape of Kongming Lantern, creating a scene of the reunion of the family in holidays and festivals while releasing Kongming Lantern. Meanwhile, the red ceiling design on the lampshade with the very image of the full moon is inspired by the moon, and complements the reunion atmosphere created by Kongming Lantern, which is cozy, warm and interesting. The hand washing sink is arranged in the walkway area with soft light, and against the background combining green plants and dry ice smoke, it is partly hidden and partly visible, creating a unique landscape effect. In addition, most of the space have used the indirect light to create a relaxed atmosphere which will make customers feel like dining at home, and perfectly reflect the concept of “home”.