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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Dining Space

Project Name:Pure WH.

Winner name:

Hong Yi An (Taiwan, China)

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Pure WH.


The project is a 150 square meters old cocktail bar renovation in Wuhan, China, located at an old mixed use complex within the historical tranquil shopping street.

The design concept is to capture impression of the Wuhan urban life style during evening. By introducing the diverse furniture selection and street character under a simple bronze frame structure, we start to image the different evening scene in the city. Customers walk in with tons of stories, and start to share and to take spot in different corner under their consciousness and sometime unconsciousness.

The lighting design is intend to evolve with the evening time frame, the darker the night and more romantic and cozy it becomes. Lighting also reflect the event and spatial atmosphere, it may become sexy and exciting at some crazy birthday night. In general, the ambient light give overall bar a warm and comfortable drinking rhythm, while blue, red and orange spot led starting to create interactive focal point by wash on the bronze frame and metal wall and make it a great place to relax and enjoy company during night time.