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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Public Architecture

Project Name:Gangyi Redwood Furniture Experience Hall

Winner name:

Huang Yong Cai、Cai Li Dong (China)

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Public building - science and education architecture


The project is composed of independent monolithic buildings. Under the preserving rigid geometry of the city's texture, irregular geometry is formed by the unexpected line-folding of the architectural form. Cutting through different interfaces, heaven and earth seem to become part of the building itself, and the perspective after the transition will be infinitely extended.

The irregular triangular geometry is made of spliced stainless steel and the properties of the material reflect different reflections at different angles.

. Extend the indoor space with architecturally inclined elements and connect the interior spaces in series to facilitate people to experience space at different angles and facilitate the transportation of exhibits in large quantities. The smoothness of design and life can be smoothly achieved while satisfying the imagination of aesthetics.

The vivid and guided large ladder is hidden in the entrance between the crevices of the building block,but it's obvious.The pool is set below the facade of the transparent glass,the reference to the water element adds natural pleasure to the composition of the building,and then combines the liveliness of indoor and outdoor.The breeze blows and the water surface ripples,the vibrant water wave reflected in the ceiling,the reflection of the building is on the surface of the water when they are  under the sunlight, the natural fresh air flows in every corner of the room, giving people a feeling of peace and tranquility,which makes the space vitally and interesting.

The two large atriums are at the top ,which let outdoor light into the room, lights and time are contested and change rapidly.the courtyard is a display of “landscape shifting” through traditional cognitive methods,this allows space to be extended, and the space of the courtyard reserved by designers has been improved in terms of lighting and ventilation. Designers use transparent materials to shows the positiveness of outdoor to indoor top-down, making us more sensitive to everything around us,we need to be kind to the energy given by nature, and we must look at the fundamental relationship between architecture, interior and people from a more macro perspective, and designers using simple techniques to interpret the interesting space with diversity, dynamic life will make the silent building move.