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IAI Best Design Award-Exihiibition Space(Conceptual Design)

Project Name:The Space of Wencheng Hall

Winner name:

Beijing Fanghe Architecture Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Ou Yang Kun Lun、Wei Bin (China)

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Space-time for Three Pieces of Furniture


Wencheng Hall is the largest collector of soft lumber antique furniture in Beijing.  Master Zhang Chunlin is the curator and the only who gradually restored the original essence of antique furniture, their refurbishment and preservation.  

     In Master Zhang’s words: there is no bad furniture.  As such, his collection spans different dynasties and across north China.

     We’ve been invited to design the exhibit hall, and have chosen to put only 3 pieces of furniture up for exhibition.

     We designed 3 shrines of difference height, depth and width, corresponding to different categories of furniture: chair/stool, table/desk, cabinetry/shelf, and bed/couch.  The shrines are placed in the center of the space, and are connected organically.  Viewers can walk around, view from different angles and get a sense of how these furniture were used in the old days.

East to the shrine turns into a multitude of smaller shrines of various orientation, size and ways of being combined, displaying a collection of artifacts, stone carvings, and hanging candle lamps, and forming an area for interactions.

     The three main shrines displaying the furniture, define the tone of the space, while the multitude of smaller shrines with artifacts and accessories provide the story line of how the three large pieces of furniture interact with each other.  Here, the tradition of northern furniture making is manifested through shapes, lines, materials, and patterns, providing a sense of the transition from dynasty to dynasty.

     While working on this project, I often think of LongmenGrottoes.  In the middle is Lurothe Buddha, on the left and right sides are buddhas, arhats, and heroes, forming a perfect Buddhist world.  Ultimately, this exhibit hall also tries to showcase much more than 3 pieces of furniture.  They gather and twist around the shrines, with contrast and harmony between the large and the small, thereby forming a space for ancient ob