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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award--Commercial Space

Project Name:Tea Here

Winner name:

Beijing Fanghe Architecture Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Ou Yang Kun Lun、Wei Bin (China)

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The Place To Get On With Tea


‘Tea Here’ is a tea house located in the art 798 District in Beijing.

   Keep going on Ceramic One street, behind a bush of dried bamboo is the gate to Tea Here.  Pushing open the door, first thing you see is a miniature garden – Yi Wu An Garden, a primarily brick and soil structure that extends into the interior of Tea Here.  This is to mimic the ancient Chinese way of living: open the door, and you see mountains.

    Inside Tea Here is an open, comfortable and contemporary space, designed with the motto of ‘making the best possible use of materials yet leaving the space open to be used whatever way you want’.

    Making the best use of materials

    We built Tea Here within the remains of a 1950s factory. We preserved the original lamp holder, door leaf, other materials and old construction mark, and mixed them with contemporary pieces.  For instance, the original bricks were demolished and re-used as the partition of the VIP rooms.

     The mixed use of old and new allow us to feel the new came from the old, that there is a lineage of time and within the Tea Here space, we can still keep a distance from today.

    Creating a limitless space  

     Tea Here is not big, but art is manifested in every corner including the uni-sex bathroom, storage room, two VIP room, the six sitting areas surrounding the huge tea counter that runs through from the north to the south end of the space, as well as the 200 tea placard hanging over the counter.  

    Albeit small, Tea Here creates a garden at the entry way, i.e., Yi Wu An Garden.  You can look at it, walk around it and even sit in it.  Bamboo and Garden create a distance between the Tea Here space and the commercial street outside.

    Entering Tea Here is entering a garden, entering a space with seclusion and self sufficiency.

The creation of Tea Here complements the artistic eco-system in 798 Art District.  It is an artistic space for people who enjoy tea, as well as a tea house for the artists.