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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Office Space

Project Name:Sukhavati

Winner name:

Zhang Jian Wu&Cai Tian Bao (China)

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Ideal state


Up the stairs, a golden bear on the glass is peeping up on the glass. This is the blue bear created by Lawrence Argent in Denver Convertion Center in the United States. It is interesting to break the monotony of the corridor. The two light guides the entrance of two different regions. The left is the design department, designers raised the floor of the office area, hanging over the lamps and lanterns which can adjust the light color temperature and brightness according to the functional requirements. The following will be used as the storage room and the equipment, not only rich in the room and the equipment. The level of space, and the problem of acceptance. On the right is a completely white space made up of three separate spaces, and the center of vision is a multifunctional wooden box, the enclosure of which is in the form of a rectangular tube grille.