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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award-Commercial Space

Project Name:Zero Pet club

Winner name:

Na Yun Interior Design Co. Ltd (China)

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Commercial Space


The layout, the appropriate lighting effects for warm and cold, and the color processing combined with the combination of light and shade are very fluid and interesting. The pet rest area is separated by logs and glass, and is marked with a number of “rooms” for easy management. The small sofa bench in front of the “room” can be moved flexibly. The owner can sit in a transparent glass window and interact with the pet without Disturb "residents" in other rooms. The play area has a strong natural style. Various aerial ladders and cat climbing frames form an adventure park. The independent design can make the little ones have fun and not occupy other public spaces in the hall. Throughout the space, the designer's skillful use of white and wood color makes the Zero Pet club a pet shop with a personal style and a good expression of the brand's warmth and sophistication. Customers come here, not only professional and assured, but also the Zero Pet club's true care, love and care for pets.