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IAI Best Design Award - Club Space

Project Name:D Force

Winner name:

Republic Mirropolis Achitecture

Ray Wong(China)

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D-force is an entertainment club which focuses on pool games. Every game is like a macro story with the beginning, chasing, climax and ending. Games have many elements of drama, such as the plot goes with a vague beginning and to the eventually win and lose. The chasing in the process represents the charm of the games. D-force attempts to express the state of games.

The receptionist area at the entrance consists of a large-scale triangle fragments without any fixed direction as if the beginning in every game. The golden column sculpture whose prototype is a huge pole penetrates the front hall area into the whole 3-layer area, grotesquely revealing the prelude of the space. The bar and dancing areas can be seen from the front hall. Going along, there is a triangle area with order replacing the large-scale loose triangle form in the front hall. Triangle area with order becomes directional where the visual sense extends to the ladder and the entrance of Floor 3, the pacing becoming more intensive with the space descending. The space of Floor 3 returns to a free and large-scale triangle area space. The half-open pooling space scatters around the bar which is the center. The basic triangle and round shapes of the curving sculpture of the ceiling form a strong contrast, full of drama sense. The right part of the hall is a comparatively private half-open space. The large-scale pendant and the floor lamp attempt to respond to the grotesque sense of the large pole. The twists and turns on the way to Floor 3 have strong sequence space. The vertical glaze stainless combines with light and shadow to create a fantastic and blurred feelings. The space reaching Floor 3 tends to be more peaceful.

D-force adopts large amount of grey metals with the large pole as the start point of power. Under the action of power, D-force tries to explain the nature of games through acting force to create an entertainment club which is full of fragment elements, undercurrents and grotesque dramas.