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IAI Outstanding Design Award

Project Name:Tree House

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MdAA architects (Italy)

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The space we had to draw, in Trastevere, was what remained of an old, abandoned stable. As a matter of fact  Trastevere was one of the Roman areas where traditionally  stables had been located; these spaces  have been in daily-use until the beginning of 20th century. In general they where large spaces in comparison to the normal size of a house, especially in height: its size was obviously determined by the dimension of carriages and horses.

The space of our clients was covered with wooden trusses,  in our case the maximum height under the roof is approximately 10 meters. The old wooden trusses where untouchable, due to  legal restrictions on the houses built  in that period. Therefore the project could not disregard the structural reinforcement of the trusses, no longer structurally  functional because of the degradation of the wood. These reinforcement  are lightweight steel structures in order to preserve the formal role of the wooden elements.  As a consequence the project’s  starting point remains the formal presence of the existing trusses.

The main design issue, however,  was where to locate  the main bedroom: the clients required a separate space, isolated from  the voices of those who would have enjoyed  the living room of the future home, that is to say the great space of the stable’s ground floor. This main space of the stable received light from a small patio, a possible small garden.  To complete the description of the floor plan of our project,  I must say  that kitchen and services could have been easily located on the other side of the patio.

A space "trapped" between the two trusses may contain an enclosed space. So, we started to think to a confined space, high above the living room, a private retreat from the social life that can be lived on the ground floor. In our minds this kind of small flying  house, inside the house,  was almost like a house on a tree.