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Works Appreciate


IAI Outstanding Design Award

Project Name:Euronews

Winner name:


Jakob + Macfarlane (France)

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The ambition of the Lyon Confluence district, developed by VNF (Waterways of France)

in partnership with Caisse des Dép?ts and SEM Lyon, is to reinvest this industrial area’s heritage

by integrating architecture with cultural and commercial programs.

The project is designed as a stretched cube pierced by two conical atriums introducing

daylight, air and providing views of the river to the building’s users. These atriums are imagined

as two gigantic eyes looking onto the river and its environment. Symbolically, the eyes also represent those

of Euronews, abstract receptors, capturing the events of the world around us.

The building houses the world headquarters of Euronews, a leading international news

channel covering world news from a European perspective. Launched in 1993, it has become

a platform for multilingual news services. This project was designed in 2005 for the same

competition as the “Cube Orange”, built in 2010 further along the riverside. Both buildings have

been designed to be seen by the public as two separate buildings in dialogue with one another

as part of the ongoing development of the urban facade of the Sa?ne River.