Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI The Best Design Agency of the Year

Project Name:Deep Breath

Winner name:

Central Academy of Fine Arts, Public Art Institute(China)


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Fish is the soul of water, water is the hometown of fish, fish can not survive without water, water without fish is stagnant water, fish wait for water to regain its enthusiasm to awaken its soul.Only the water can let fish to be alive, the fish will be free when they swimming,Their soul is dancing. The fusion of the image of fish and water expresses the mood of how the fish and the water are moistened together, while highlighting the spiritual realm in which the nature and the people breathe together.

They are the angels God sent to settle the ocean, embracing the ocean and embracing their mother with the spirits of grace and immortality. Each joyous prance, are deep breathing life rhythm, breathing the latest oxygen in the world, accumulate the power to run afar, repaying mother selfless nurturing.