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Works Appreciate


IAI Design Star

Project Name:GuTeng Architects-OMG Electronic Sports Club

Winner name:

GuTeng Architects(China)

GuTeng Architects


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   In the movie "Andean Games," the future of mankind rests on children raised in a war game. The international fleet, led by Andr Viking and his companions, ended up killing the Zerg planet by playing games. Won the final victory.

     Now, OMG clan in order to protect the earth, will also be driving a giant space warship named OMG . Cruising in the interstellar, search and destroy the creature from other unknown galaxies. This is the story setting we made for this project.

     OMG space warship, the structure is divided into three layers. A deck, the distribution of the battleship command and security forces. On the second floor is the watchful vanguard and the king glory multiple combat units. Three decks by OMG's ace clan - League of Legere stationed.

      Connected to the first, second and third deck is a hollow energy transmission channel. Indistinct Gothic style, towering upward eight energy column connected to the battleship combat units, a steady stream of mysterious dark energy delivery. The upward light guides the direction of all mankind. Suspended in the sky, that is, the spirit of the totem fleet, the hope of all mankind --- OMG! The bottom of the energy column, surrounded by the core components of space warships - warships heart. Heart system dimming, with the players breathing to maintain the same frequency, can feel the entire battleship is also a mechanical existence of life ... ...