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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Humanistic Care

Project Name: ATM library

Winner name:

Zhuhai van space decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Ge Fan

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New educational space


Since the floor height of existing space is relatively high, the space is effectively re-separated into several floors: reception, waiting space, recreational and reading space, testing rooms and classrooms are arranged on the ground floor, while the whole first floor is for the comprehensive reading room, which is the core of the space.

Wood colors are largely used in the library, to create the feeling of warmth and harmony. The wood is mainly used in the interior flooring and all the book shelves, to produce a harmonious and unified overall design.

Floor tiles are extended from the entrance to the reception, facilitating a dynamic space, which also serves as the access to the reception, dividing the space on both sides. One side besides the reception is the waiting space, with a simple water bar, while the other side is the recreational and reading space, in which the stepped platform provides the children with the seating area to read.

The above space from the entrance to the reception is designed as a hollow space, in order to reduce the sense of pressure since the re-separation of floors. Decorative pendant lamps are hanging from the first floor to the ground floor, increasing the relationship between the two floors, as well as the visual effect of the space artistically.

The three wall surfaces of comprehensive reading room on the first floor are designed as a huge wall of books surrounding the space, in which the shelf on the corner is designed as an arc-shaped transitional element, to prevent from being inflexible and create a strong atmosphere of reading. In the meanwhile, the furniture could be freely arranged according to the requirement of space.

The sincerity to the space given by the designer is expressed at the luminous zone under the glazing partition, use of hot bending glasses, the circulation on the first floor and so on. Therefore, the ATM library is not merely a training space. We sincerely hope that the students of ATM libraries would have an effective reading time here.