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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Material Creative Award

Project Name:The Design Concept of NotAll Vegetarian Restaurant

Winner name:

Syria Space Design Co., Ltd.

Jiang Guo Xing

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The Design Concept of NotAll Vegetarian Restaurant

Project: NotAll Vegetarian Restaurant

Location: Urumqi

Area: 750m2

Material: epoxy resin of Chinese black litchi facing, batten, rammed earth, Black highlight brick

Designer: Jang goo sin

With the development of world, positive vegetarianism has been a living style,by which they wish to express their attitude to the nature and environment.In this way, not only they could get balance diet, but also could be out of noise and expanded lust.

This restaurant includes two floors,with the first floor of reception and the second floor of boxes.

When you enter into the hall, a full wall of white sandstone will be at sight and also a six angle window set in the center, and also two sets of simple Chinese chair and lamp standing there peacefully.A little of light yellow is reflected from the hollow alcove. The other three walls have been decorated by wooden grid with top ceiling of sweeping rattan plaited articles looking like Chinese corridor.

A sight of waterscape has been layed out in the center of reception area, including rocky work, a wooden boat floating in the water and a white cloud  in the sky, in which you will deep into peace.

Through the six-angle window, you could see the hall like smoke. Irregular wood bricks have been inserted into the shelf made by square black tubes and steel plants.

The simple Chinese style continues in the reception area with wooden grating and black shelf and a giant painting of Chinese landscape hung on the wall.

When you go upstairs, a pretty water landscape with clean rock under stair will be at fist sight,besides that, rough white sands, sharp stones and straight trees have grouped a beautiful sight in which you could fell moving and still, solid and empty at mean time.

Wood puzzle are decorated on the side walls of avenue in the second floor, and the light black tiles have been paved on the ground. Some pottery jars are left in the hollow alcove casually. No other extra light besides the occasional moon light and star could bee seen from the narrow windows.

Different from the other spaces, some rough material such as brick, art stone, brown diatom clay, black and white mural are usually used in the box with concise Chinese furniture and white birch, which create the atmosphere of nature and loft.

In the washroom, the wall layed by rough stones and the ground paved by black brick adorns leads to heavy comparison.The dry woods beside the wash basin reflect a sense of quiet in the light. The Chines black of Marbles make a sense of special mysterious.