Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Best Design Award , IAI Best Concept Creative Award

Project Name: Xupin office

Winner name:

Syria Space Design Co.,Ltd

Jiang Guo Xing

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Open the simple and unadorned glass doors ,we step into a world of light and shadow. You will see a small boat, a stone duck and reeds on your right at your first glance. The you get closer and can not help being attracted  by the old wood and fallen leaves behind  the boat.  After a little while, when you turn around and begin to leave, you may feel even more confused ----black  floor tile looks like a lake, naughty light ,pouring down?through?the?ceiling bamboo, is ?shimmering on the?“lake” ,which make the feeling of being on the water more lifelike.

The word ‘XU’ on the background wall is?clearly visible, but word ‘PIN’ is drifting away in the shadow and light. Form?the atmosphere,?with?virtual?reality, reverie,

Unknown, freedom ,energy…The two simple words combine the national zen culture with the soul of Chinese character, and more wonderful articles will be created from here in the future, with the beauty of design and the light of humanity.

Walking into designing district ,a huge dome, imitating the shape of engines, made with countless black steel pipe will be seen .The people working under the dome are the designing teams of XUPIN, who are the driving force of the company that they push XUPIN to a higher , further and wilder future.

Besides of original ecological zen studies, another important theme of the case is environmental protection: there is not too much decoration on walls ,old boards are widely used instead of traditional emulsion paint and wallpaper; The partition of the meeting room adopts green second-hand ?hollowed-out wooden windows; Instead of using traditional ceiling panels, the hall ceiling was decorated by simple, elegant bamboo. Walking into XUPIN, we can smell fresh ,pure, nature flavor, not the pungent smell of paint; Walking into XUPIN, we can feel  wonders and interests of nature , not the dull atmosphere of  the office.