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IAI Special Jury Award

Project Name:The "creative box" in the forest

Winner name:

Inside a space Education Institute

Inside a space Education Institute

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Smart Innovation Learning Center of  Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School.


The case is located on one of the roof top of Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School. It’s a re-transformation case against the original flat-to-slope roof.

This is , from the designers’ perspective, an innovative attempt on school space transformation, in which all space is different from the conventional classroom, so as to express the Ganquan School's smart innovation culture and spirit.

To create a new experiential and smart innovation space for students, we found the dense columns to be the biggest issue during the design. While on the other hand, would we take advantage of them?

So our designers start reverse thinking and thus lead birth to our main design concpt of "Innovation Cubes in the Forest."

Dense columns seem just like trees in the forest. We cleverly combined them with the room, the furniture and all the public spaces in order to create an interesting green learning space with rich experiences. This design concept also reflects the harmony between human being and the nature.